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lj, Recruitment Services Innovative Clients with Exceptional Talent

Welcome to Baker Montgomery

For more than 20 years, Baker Montgomery has been regarded as best in class for executive search and talent strategy.


We partner with clients to pursue top-tier talent that will drive innovation and growth. Our philosophy is to serve as an extension of our clients, collaborating to create positive market awareness attracting individuals who share the organization’s passion, beliefs, vision, and spirit. We are proud our client and candidate relationships are productive, enduring, and positive. This is the foundation upon which we build our business.


Unique experience allows us to creatively navigate complex and competitive talent markets.


Changing the recruiting paradigm, allowing the discovery of new leadership talent that will drive high impact change to your organization.


Expectations are met with results. Collaboration is essential in the ability to represent our clients in the marketplace.


Nimble and determined, we are an extension of your business and will not rest until you are satisfied.

Results Define our Success


% Success Rate


Average years candidates stay with our clients


% Returning Clients Business


% Settling for less than the best talent



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